Monday, January 18, 2010

Photography Pricing

Session Fees

Portrait Sessions- $100 for 1 hour session
Includes CD of all images
Professional editing of all images
With advanced editing of select number of images
(engagements, senior sessions, family, etc.)

Wedding Photography- $600 for up to 8 hours of coverage
Includes DVD of all images
Professional editing of all images
With advanced editing of select number of images

* All engagement sessions include free design
of save-the-date cards,
which can be then purchased through Costco
for $15 for first 50 ordered
and $5 for each additional 25 ordered


Monday, January 4, 2010

African Safari

My future roommate, Liz, wants to decorate the bedroom with an African theme. She mentioned this to me just yesterday, but since then I've spent way too much time thinking of different ideas for her room, and I've probably gone overboard. I've been chanting to myself "This is her room, don't try to take over. This is her room, do not try to take over." I'm not a control freak at all, I just get really excited about interior design. I could spend hours on the different interior design blogs I follow.

My brother-in-law Breck and his wife Bailey are actually on an African Safari right now. They'll be back in 2 weeks and maybe we can use some of their pictures as art in Liz's bedroom.

Here are some ideas for the room

1) Burnt orange wall color
2) Faux zebra hide rug. Or you can DIY one [Link]
3) Safari-style photos for the walls
4) Dark wood furniture
5) Bamboo shade
6) Cool accessories from World Market and Ikea
7) Bring in green with large plant

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

We'll be getting roommates at the end of this month. My newlywed friends Liz and Fernando are currently renting a back house in Yorba Linda from one of their friends aunt, but are not too happy with living their. It's a far drive from both their jobs, the aunt can be a bit intrusive, and they have a kitchenette, not a real kitchen. They want to save up for first/lasts month rent and the security deposit for a real apartment, but it's hard for them right now to have extra money each month to put into savings. So Liz threw out the idea of down-sizing and renting our spare bedroom for a while.
Brennen and I decided that it could be fun to have our friends as roommates for a while, we absolutely don't use the spare bedroom except to store junk, and we could use the extra money for a lot of different things.
I hope this works out like I'm imagining in my head. Since getting married and being a mom it's defiantly been harder for me to maintain those very close female friendships I once had in high school, so I think this could be an opportunity for Liz and I to become even closer friends.