Monday, March 30, 2009

Please Stop Baking

Today was Haiden's "Mommy and Me" Easter egg hunt/picnic at the park. Everyone had signed up for candy to fill the eggs, stickers, or baked goods. For some reason I decided to be take on a baked-goods item, cookies. So I make some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies from those packages where you add eggs, butter, water, etc. I followed the instructions with the dough, but must have left them baking too long. Well, anyway so Haiden's teacher announces that we can eat the snacks now and everyone dives for Antionette's beautiful and delicious cupcakes with hand-made frosting. Then I see one mom open the lid to my Tupperware and take out a cookie, the moment of truth. She takes a bite, makes a face and checks her tooth! Seriously, as if my cookie was hard enough to chip her tooth! So I walk over and casually look at my Tupperware. I gave a kind of "Hmm, wonder what's in here" kind of look. I take a cookie and nearly chip a tooth. How could my cookies be so bad? I probably should have tasted them the night before, thrown them out and bought store cookies like one mom. The store cookies were actually pretty good.