Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Pup

The night before last a we heard a dog crying all night.We just assumed it was one of our neighbor's many dogs, but in the morning my husband saw a dog in our backyard. We gave her some food and water, she was trembling with fear and spent the entire day hidden in a corner. By last night she began to sniff my hand and let me pet her. Today she is running around our backyard, licking Haiden and laying in my lap. She is just the sweetest little dog, and if no one claims her she might be OURS!!!

I want to keep her so badly, but my Bren is still on the fence. The conversation we had was very much like one between a 7 year-old and her father.
"I promise I'll take care of her. I'll feed her and clean-up after her. You have to let me keep her because I already feel in love with her and named her!"

We'll see.